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To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

Need to file a claim?  Most companies would prefer to hear the claim details directly from you to reduce claim processing time as well as for accuracy.  If you have a claim, please call your insuring company directly.  The following is a directory of phone numbers to the claims departments of the companies we represent.

In order to be better prepared when reporting your claim, please have the following information available:

  • Your policy number
  • Address where the loss or damages occurred
  • Date and time the event occurred
  • Where the damage is located
  • The name and contact information of anyone who has started any emergency clean up services
  • Fire department or police department information if these officials were involved
  • Any other information you feel we need to know in order to process your claim
     American Risk Ins Phone: 866.635.9959
Fax: 713-559-0702
     Bankers Phone: 800.765.9700
Fax: 877.541.4084
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       Phone: 800.252-4670
 Fax: 800.300.2538
 File Claim Online
     Perry Commercial Real Estate & Development Phone: 866.215.7574
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     DELTA GENERAL Phone: (713) 570-2625
Fax: (800) 666-0645
File Claim Online
      Phone: 800.933.3147
Phone: 888.347.3428 - High Value
Fax: 800.511.3720
File Claim Online
      Phone: 800.527.3907
Fax: 877.452.3957
File Claim Online
      Phone: 800.392.2202
Fax: 979.830.7589
File a Claim Online
      Phone: 800.243.5860
Report Auto Claim Online
Report Home Claim Online
Report Glass Only Auto Claim
      Phone: 800.775.2112
File Claim Online
      Phone: 888.522.8242
Fax: 972.250.6548
File a Claim Online 
      Phone: 800.503.3724
      P: 800-749-6419
F: 254-730-9800
      Phone: 800.325.1088
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      Phone: 1.800.Progressive
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      Phone: 800.220.1351
Fax: 800.491.7683
      File by calling Stieber Ins Group
P: 281.341.7141
       Phone: 800-258-1934
      Phone: 800.252.4633
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      Phone: 866.999.0898
     header Phone: 888.256.3378
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     Wellington Phone: 800.447.6465
Fax: 800.880.4049
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